What is a Flagship Store?

The term Flagship Store gets used in retail on a regular basis, but what actually qualifies a store as a Flagship? Flagship status may be based on location, size, volume of merchandise, being the most well-known, being the first store in the chain, or standing out from the chain in some other way. It is the lead store, the way a Flagship in nautical terms leads a fleet.

Time Warner Cable Flagship Store

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The 5 Most Creative Kiosk Projects so Far in 2014

2014 has been a busy year for digital merchandising. So far we have seen a lot of creative kiosk projects in the industry. Here are a few that have grabbed our attention with the right blend of creativity and technology.


The campaign used mascot, Surfy, in the digital signage to encourage shoppers to play a game of hopscotch. The game was setup using vinyl flowers on the floor in front of the sign. At different time intervals the flowers released a spray of the new Surf laundry fragrance- the product this campaign is promoting. The brand also wrapped the elevators in the malls with scented vinyl and played a short audio-file as shoppers entered. Retailers near the display also used scented wardrobe hanger tags.

unilever hopscotch kiosk

Photo Credit: retail Customer Experience

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