Supporting Time Warner Cable’s Nationwide “Demo-Days” Retail Events

Time Warner Cable (TWC) held a series of pretty neat promotional events in their nationwide retail stores this month.

In-store customers signing up for an applicable new Cable / TV / Phone bundle got a free Dell 2-in-1!

How did customers figure out which bundle was best for them? A “Bundle Builder” app was specifically created by TWC to walk customers through the options, ask them questions and make a smart recommendation. And what better way to use the Bundle Builder than on an actual Dell 2-in-1!

dell 2 in 1 with TWC apps












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4 Augmented Reality Projects that Work with Digital Signage

Augmented reality helps to put computer generated images into physical environments. With recent advances in technology augmented reality is becoming increasingly interactive. The following are some of our favorite recent projects, because they go beyond technology for technology’s sake, to create a memorable experience. Here we look just as those augmented reality projects which also include digital signage.

sephora augmented reality mirror

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What is a Flagship Store?

The term Flagship Store gets used in retail on a regular basis, but what actually qualifies a store as a Flagship? Flagship status may be based on location, size, volume of merchandise, being the most well-known, being the first store in the chain, or standing out from the chain in some other way. It is the lead store, the way a Flagship in nautical terms leads a fleet.

Time Warner Cable Flagship Store

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Chain Store Age Names Time Warner Cable One of Three Must See Stores

Chain Store Age recently honored Time Warner Cable’s Flagship Store as the Store of the Week on their website.

We’re excited to announce that have extended their coverage of the Flagship Store by naming it as one of three must-see retail stores in New York City. Sharing this distinction with Time Warner Cable are Under Armour ad Urban Outfitters.

must-see stores in New York City

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Time Warner Cable Flagship Store Featured in VMSD Magazine

We talk about the Time Warner Cable Flagship Store a lot. At this year’s Digital Signage Expo, our Creative Director, Doug Hampton-Dowson, even co-hosted a seminar about the project with Conrad Chin from our partners on the project FAME Retail. As much as we enjoy talking about this project, we really know we did something right when others are talking about the project as well. So we were ecstatic when VMSD agreed to devote an entire article to the store in their June 2014 issue.

VMSD June 2014 issue

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