Think User First: Humanizing Technology [Infographic]

At Reality, we think designing a great user experience is one of the essential elements for success of any digital merchandising initiative. See how technology has become more user-friendly over time in the infographic below!

NAC: Keepin’ Your eComm Engine Revving

NAC: Keepin' Your eComm Engine Revving

2013 BMW National Aftersales Conference Opens Monday

BMW and MINI dealers from all over the nation will gather in Las Vegas on Monday, April 22nd to get the latest from BMW corporate and interact with vendors from various verticals.

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CETW: The Show Marches On

On November 7 & 8, we were at Customer Engagement Technology World at the Javits Center in New York! Despite the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter mid-show we had the chance to meet with a handful of people and have a few great conversations about the impact of digital merchandising.

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Riveting Stats Describe the Average Tablet User [Infographic]

Market forecasters have been saying for quite some time that it’s time to focus on mobile in the e-commerce strategy of consumer goods. While, some may not agree with every stat in the infographic below, it’s interesting to see that:

  • 11% of tablet owners say they use their device constantly.
  • 77% of users say they used their tablet to do holiday shopping in 2011.
  • 10% of the total web traffic is expected from tablets by 2014.

tablet ecommerce infographicInfographic courtesy of Miva Merchant.

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3 Foundational Kiosk Interface Design Tips

Kiosks demand a highly usable user interface (UI) design to be successful. Much like its web and desktop counterparts, creating a great interactive experience can be a surprisingly difficult undertaking. When compared to web designers, kiosk designers have access to less open source knowledge, best practices, examples, and even advice from other professionals.

This may seem like a disadvantage, but with the right mindset a designer can effectively repurpose web design patterns in the kiosk environment. Here’s my contribution to the knowledge-base, I hope it helps designers and managers alike.

checkbox web kiosk

Standard Webkit checkbox viewed in Google Chrome (a.) compared to a custom CSS checkbox designed for a kiosk touch interface (b.).

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Cloud Computing : “To Which Cloud?”

Cloud question mark“To the cloud” has become a well-known cloud computing catchphrase. It’s popular due to advertising campaigns launched by Microsoft, but also because it challenges the user to think of the cloud first and traditional storage second.

3 main concerns that users have about cloud computing security are:

  1. “How do I know that my information is secure?”
  2. “Who owns what’s in the cloud?”
  3. “Will the service be reliable?”

Recent outages at Amazon Web Services left Netflix, Reddit, and Foursquare without services for about an hour, confirming that users’  reliability concerns are legitimate.

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